The house, the stars, the desert - what gives them their beauty is something that is invisible. Lemailwig has been devoted to exploring something invisible whereas imperative for approximately a decade, which is “inspiration”, We cherish every story told by whether human or nature, aiming to inject the brainstorm into our unique designed cosplay wigs.

The leading character stepped to the fancy world named Tivat with his junior sister, they were impeded by Heavenly Principles Maintainer and failed in a intensive fight. In the end, the sister was captured and the protagonist started a venture to look for his sister.

Another story is that Hylians Kingdom was occupied by Ganon subsequent to a fierce battle. The princess Zelda was captured and the Kingdom missed its vitality then. Link, the young leader of Hylians, sealed in the caves subsequent to protection from the magic of Zelda, waked up in near a century after Kingdom fell into enemy hands. He tried to find his previous memory and defeat Ganon to save the princess and the whole Kingdom.

In addition, Ryza is an average girl. Tiring in her countryside life, she often discussed with her friends about her aspiration to leave the village with them under a prudent plan. Luckily, she came across a strange person who master the alchemy. Worship seized her and she took the person as her teacher. Then the summer venture has started.

There will exist numerous potential stories waiting to be explored, collected with the purpose to inject some essential parts to our products and service. It’s our mission.

Apart from inspiration of the stories background. All protagonists have their own personality, which, to some extent, could be judged from their cloths, manner, expression as well as words. Some are emotional whereas some are rational, some tends to chase the perfection or accomplishment while some always imagine a joyful or peaceful world. Our professional stylists always took the character personality into consideration in the process of product designed. We believe cosplayers could find their most suitable and delicate wigs in our store and enjoy the happy shopping experience.

We have been a professional manufacturer for a decades in this field and We've been committed to helping you find the best in. With valuable team, we are able to offer the best quality service, the most affordable price as well as the most intimate after-sales. We have constructed three wig factories. With the rapid development, we have grown up and have an warehouse in America and Britain for the purpose of providing better transport and logistics services. Owing to our enthusiasm and supporting from regular customers, lemailwig always keeps self-improvement. Never stop moving forward.

The secret to our success is every one of you! We appreciate your perspective on products and love to see every one of the photos and stories shared on our site. You inspire and remind us what we do goes way beyond simply offering various wigs and costumes.

We are always here to shine your life.

Thanks for being with us.